1. PDF-fonts

Fonts for proper rendering of (generally neuroscience-related) journals on linux platform
Some journals do not embed pdf fonts into their papers, these fonts are not installed on linux systems by default and in many cases the papers are hard/unpleasant to read. I started to incrementally collect those specific (freely available) fonts into single git repository to have it easily accessible on any machine I needed.
This list will likely grow, but ATM the fonts are: NewCenturySchlbk-* NewBaskerville-* HelveticaNeue-* Minion-* MyriadPro* Berkeley-* GillSans-*.
You can get the repo (this link should be stable for a long time) via:
git clone ${your_path}

Let your X session know (YMMV):
ln -s ${your_path}/ ~/.fonts

Proper name matching for some of the fonts:
ln -s ${your_path}/.fonts.conf ~/.

2. CZ Terminal font (Česká varianta terminálového fontu koi8x16b.pcf.gz)

In a need of some decent terminal font I created ISO-8859-2 facet of koi8x16b.pcf.gz (misc-fixed-bold-r-normal–16-160-75-75-c-80-koi8-r).
Charset is enough to cover full czech diacritics, some chars for full ISO-8859-2 set are missing and won't be added unless I'm explicitely asked.
Font can be downloaded here, you will need dir & some alias naming (now set to 8x16boldcz) in the same directory.
Let your X session know once downloaded (YMMV):
xset +fp ${path_to_font}

Screenshot of the font:
image: 0_mnt_atrey_WWW_fonts_8x16bold_screenshot.png