1 Palouk, 2007/2008

1.1 Leafs


1.2 Symmetries

Pattern comes from Kufi-style calligraphy.
Watercolors+dried tea leafs.

1.3 Dream series (2007/03)

1.3.1 Healing

Book opening. Water colors (first attempt, full blown version in oil later).

1.3.2 Rising phase

2nd dream in sequence. Watercolors.

1.4 Shipibo pattern

The real stuff:

1.4 Crystal (Warsaw, 2008/8)


2 Kamýk (2009-2010)

Oil version of the previous.
Ripening. The colors after 5 years (2017), structure pops out.

3 Podolí 2010

3.1 Passage of life

Structure of life (dream 2011/8).

3.2 Persia

Oriental sun.
Oil. Partly from Dresden.
Through the sun:

4 Cali

4.1 Face of death

Dream, Sycamore canyon, CA, 2013 May 11.

4.2 Box Springs life (not yet finished)

Moreno Valley, CA, fall 2013, spring 2014. Oil.

4.3 Arizona-Navajo

Oil, quick impression (spring 2016, Los Angeles, CA)

4.4 Improv

Most improv work is immediately burnt up, but that time it started to rain and this one somehow survived. Perhaps it needed, lets give it out.
Session with Kelly, chalk+acrylic+watercolors+wax , fall 2016, San Diego, CA.

4.5 From the belly

Center protected from chaos. Thx to eyes of Carol.
Quick oil. (winter 2016-2017, San Diego, CA)

4.6 Hand dialogues

Recording of several sessions. Each gets couple of chalk strikes per move and the dialogue over the sheet gets faster and more intense as wine level rises up.
• Chalk, session with Macu&Steve (spring 2017, Oceanside, CA)

• Chalk session with Steve (Fall 2017. Oceanside, CA)

• Chalk session with Steve (Summer 2019. Oceanside, CA)
• Trialog chalk session (with Steve & Jonny, Summer 2019. Oceanside, CA)