Below is assorted software-related stuff. Primarily for my own use, but feel free to grab whatever you wish.

BiBtex style for the journal Cerebral Cortex.

The original file was provided by Rajeev Raizada and was slightly edited to fix small interpunction issues. At this stage it's mainly @article bibtex entry tuned, but you can easily change the rest.

Patchset against LyX 2.3.x


Patchset against mutt 1.5


Patchset against Eterm 0.9.5


BFS-like movement through directories

Like your 'cd' bash command, except it searches through the directory structure to find the given nearest directory/file. Starts in your current directory and crawls in a wave-like manner through adjacent sup/subdirectories (breadth-first search).
By default
For proper functioning you will need to add lines like the below to your .bashrc (or .profile or similar file loaded by your default shell):
function jp { cd "`j "$@"`"; } 
function jf { eval "`jj "$@"`"; } 
Binaries (or sources):
Configuration file .jp in your home will help you to setup excluded names and suffixes in the search.
Commandline examples:
$ jp dir       #cd to closest dir starting with 'dir', e.g. ../dir/i/dont/remember/directory
$ jp dir.      #cd to closest dir containing name 'dir'
$ jp dir=      #cd to closest subdir starting with 'dir'
$ jf fil       #cd to closest dir containing file which name starts 'fil'
$ jf fil/      #cd to closest dir containing file which name starts 'fil' and immediately open it in vi(m)