I say "thank you" to

Maik from Germany he provided the (printed) Gräser-Version
Yuri from Russia he guided me to 4 versions and sent me two
Young June from Korea he sent me the two Korean versions
members of the MEK-Mailinglist from Hungary they gave me valuable information on the Hungarian versions and good tips for this site
Simon from Hungary he suggested many intelligent features, that do not belong to the TTKs themselves
Songtao from Germany he sent me a GB-version
Ueli from Switzerland he sent me so many versions of the first chapter
Asti from USA he/she guided me to the version of Tienzen Gong
Octavian from Australia he made a Romanian and an English translation and promoted this website in his country
Gorka from Spain he gave me usefull information on the Spanish and Portugesian translations
Martin from Czechoslovakia he sent me the Czech Bondy-translation and gave me information about Navratil's "mixture"
Serdar from Turkey he translated some chapters into Turkish
Victor from Russia he provided the Russian Konissy-translation
Knuut from Denmark he is currently doing a Danish translation of the TTK
Ueli from Switzerland he sent me the version by Schnetz
Karl Kromal from USA he informed me about and sent me his translation
Claudia from Germany she sent me the german Feng/English-translation
enha from Germany he sent me the german Kopp-translation and linked me to the german Brinks-translation
Bernd from Germany he informed me about the german von Strauss-translation at his website
pages.at they provide PHP-supported webspace without any banners or pop-ups for free
Margaritta from Bulgaria she linked me two bulgarian version - though she doesn't speak a single word English :o)
Silya from Switzerland she sent me the german version by Stephen Mitchell

Beside this, every author (...except for two...) I could reach by internet, gave me her/his permission to include her/his version into the online-collection. Many thanks to all of them!

I'm also thankful for everybodies tips and hints and attempts to help me with this site!