Das Tao Te King von Lao Tse

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  • Mirror of the pages is alive after 10 years again. Any updates/requests/new translations -> ruvinc@email.cz
    Tried to contact the original maintainer of the pages multiple times over the years to no avail. The pages are almost verbatim mirror of the original version; that can change as I get additional translations.

    Feel free to contact me in case something should be updated / is wrong / etc. Note that my intention was to make the original Index and Quadro/Vertical interface working; other still working functionality is of pure luck...

    As stated by the previous maintainer he got the permission to publish the translated versions, I can't contact him anymore to confirm any of that, so if you (your) copyright was violated and you disagree with public access through this page, please let me know, I can delete access to any particular translation. Note though that these pages are, to most part, just gateway to waybackmachine and majority of the content is freely accesible there and NOT stored on this server - so (in my opinion) you should primarily contact maintainers of wayback machine and not me for the request of removal.
    I hope that you understand academic purpose of the site and zero intent to monetize any of the provided material.

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12.05.2007 04.05.2007 13.04.2007 11.01.2007

  • New Chinese version, the Guodian-Laozi, in Unicode, Big 5 and GB encoding.
  • Big 5 and GB encoded Fu Yi versions added.

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  • My son was born!!! :-D
05.12.2005: 30.11.2005: 05.08.2005: 04.08.2005:
  • Chinese version (simplified characters and Pinyin transcription) in .pdf-format.
18.07.2005: 17.07.2005: 16.07.2005: 15.07.2005: 12.07.2005: 11.07.2005: 06.07.2005: 05.07.2005: 04.07.2005: 03.07.2005: 02.07.2005: 01.07.2005:
  • Extracted from 81 Google-cache-pages: New English version by R.L. Wing.
  • Reading-tool can now be customised, you can create a drop-down with your favorite versions of the Tao Te King of Lao Tse.
30.06.2005: 28.06.2005: 27.06.2005: 25.06.2005: 24.06.2005: 23.06.2005: 22.06.2005:
  • New German version by Helmut W. Brinks.
  • New German version by Wolfgang Kopp, sent to me via e-m@il by enha.
  • Full English version by Ron Hogan added, single chapters from the single-chapters page removed.
  • Index re-arranged to make adding new versions simpler.
  • Tool created, that makes it very simple to format new versions for the collection. Appearance and source-code of new versions will now be unitary and "valid" HTML 4.01 transitional.
21.06.2005: The whole website has been moved from http://www.geocities.com/onkellotus/ to http://home.pages.at/onkellotus/ for the following reasons:

  • Most important and deciding: The new Geocities-"banners" are very big.
  • The information "The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer." was often shown.
  • I can upload files to pages.at with a convenient FTP-programm. I am not aware, that Geocities offers that access as well.
Websites at pages.at sometimes do not load at all, but it had always been a temporary problem and did never happen as often as I have encountered the mentioned information from Geocities. The old site will stay where it is as it is, because many websites link to single versions, but I will not update it anymore.

11.02.2004: New french version by Stanislas Julien, besides the chinese originals, the oldest version in the collection (1842)

07.02.2004: New chapters of the danish translation by Knut Andersen, kindly provided by himself

25.01.2004: New german version by Gia-Fu Feng & Jane English, kindly provided by Claudia from Germany

19.09.2003: New english translation by Karl Kromal, kindly provided by himself